Re: Strange DVD Burner probems

Robert McMillan wrote:
I have an I8600 with a NEC DVD+-RW ND-6500A drive. The problem is that I have been having trouble reading burnt DVD+R disks (not sure about -R as havent been using these).

Now at the moment I have a stack of disks (all the same brand) that were all burnt in this drive using Sonic RecordNow! and yet most will read fine but some will not. The disks that wouldn't read properly I then tried in another 2 dvd drives I have around and read flawlesly. I have also had this problem with some disks that a friend burnt and some will read and others wont when all contain data.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to a fix for this problem before I contact Tech Support as I imagine they will want me to reformat, to removing the possiblity of a software problem which I dont particularly want to do right now.

Thanks in advance.


Given that (IMO) the NEC-65xx drives are about the best, my opinion is the drive is failing. You might try updating the firmware available at NEC. Otherwise, the cost of a new drive you install yourself might balance with the time and effort for a warranty repair.