Re: My Dell is on the Way!

> Von Fourchewrote:
I'm an owner of a brand new Dell E510 3.0GHz desktop. It was
> today. Finally I will be able to serf the net with Windows XP and
no more
> Windows Me.
> Getting a new computer is almost like having a new baby in the
> household. Another son or daughter to join our humble home.
Actually when
> I had to do a full re-install of my current computer, while my hard
> was being wiped clean, it almost felt like I was performing an
abortion on
> the thing - a sick feeling. lol
> Anyway, I'm looking forward to many hours of computing and
> without crashes and lock ups.

I hope you folks know what you're doing buying Dells.

Their satasfaction ratings aren't crash diving for no reason...