Re: Dimension 8300 Very Slow Cold Boot


Don't believe Dell. The hard drive likely is dying. It happens. If
nothing else, backup everything!

Personally, I'd spend $40 on a new hard drive and reinstall everything and
throw away the current hard drive.

"Marjorie Cunningham" <Marjorie@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I thought I would tell you how I have solved the problem, or at least it
>appears to have been solved. I finally talked to Dell Chat and after
>explaining all of the steps I'd taken, the tech suggested I reinstall
>Windows XP, plus run a Diagnostic Test on the hard drive (F12 key on Dell
>screen at bootup). I decided to do the diagnostic test first. (BTW, it
>took over five hours, just a warning!) It came up with FAIL on the Read
>Test (all other tests passed) because of two errors: Error Code 0F00:0244
>Msg. Blocks 5843157-8 Unconnectable data error or media is write
>protected. I immediately Googled this error and found every comment
>indicated that the hard disk was dying when you received this message.
>Whoa! This computer is only two years old and I would be devastated!
> I went back to Dell Chat, described the error, and the tech assured me
> that this message does NOT mean the hard disk is dying. To resolve my
> slow startup, he said I would have to reinstall Windows XP and gave
> directions. I decided to check the Microsoft database and it said that
> before reinstalling to repair XP, you should go Start, Run and type sfc
> /scannow (space between "c" and "/") and click OK. When I did this, it
> asked for the XP disk and apparently repaired some .DLLs.
> This seems to have worked because I am now booting up within one minute!
> If this solution doesn't prove to be permanent, I will reinstall Windows
> XP, but I thought y'all would like to know that so far it seems to have
> solved the slow boot.
> Thanks for all the suggestions, believe me, I used them all!
> Marjie
> "Marjorie Cunningham" <Marjorie@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:7mQcf.3418$jN6.375@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>I have a two-year old Dimension 8300, P2.8, 1 GB RAM, 120G hard drive with
>>91 GB free space. I turn off my computer each night and turn it on in the
>>morning. For the last month or so, the computer has a very slow cold boot
>>time in the morning, from 10 to 20 minutes from the time I turn on the
>>power button to get to my Desktop, but it seems to boot properly during
>>the day if I turn it off and on again. Once it starts, the computer works
>>normally, seems just as speedy as always, no grinding noises or evidence
>>that the hard disk is failing.
>> I have done a Disk Cleanup and Defrag, used Ad-Aware and SpyBot, emptied
>> all the temp files, checked the Startup files for any anomalies (none
>> that I can see), downloaded new drivers for my sound and video cards, and
>> have checked the Event Viewer for errors (always one saying "hpdj service
>> could not be started," a reference, I assume, to my HP printers). I use
>> a cable modem with anti-virus and a firewall that are automatically
>> updated, no viruses. I have downloaded and installed all of Microsoft's
>> updates. Yesterday I installed Dell's Dell Support program and it finds
>> no errors. I have searched the Internet until I am blue in the face and
>> am not finding a solution.
>> Does anyone have a suggestion as to what can be causing this? Can anyone
>> offer any help?
>> Thank you very much.
>> Marjie