Re: adding a cd writer

the drives that i had recommended to you were all explicitly stated to come
with win98se compatible software. you should not have problems running
software on your win98se machine that says it is compatible for win95,
however it indicates rather old software and reliability and timmig issues
have been greatly improved with the newer nero/roxio/sonic cd writing
software. i would hesitate using the software (unknown) that you mention if
it is made by roxio as their old stuff was just awful.

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> "NoNoBadDog!" wrote:
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>> > hi,
>> > dell dimension xps t600; windows 98se... (original h/w -- purchased in
>> > 1999) (pIII)
>> > i want to replace the original cd/dvd-rom drive with a cd-rom writer.
>> > should this be a fairly straightforward process? or has anyone
>> > experienced problems with this kind of an upgrade?
>> > thank you very much in advance!
>> >
>> Replacing the drive is not a complicated process; doubly you'll have
>> much
>> success finding software that will work with Win98.
>> Bobby
> thank you for the reply...
> the drive i got states that it is compatible even with win95....
> i assume that since it includes its own s/w, win 98se could run it...(i
> hope:)
> sincerely
> Tanya