Re: 666 cigarettes

On Jan 12, 8:24 pm, DoubleV <rawsto...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
not smoked!

had a rough day today.
Felt like stopping the lozenges cause I'm always sucking on the things
so put on a 7mg patch and weathered it for a while.

Hope you are having a better day today!
I struggled with whether or not to use any NRT with this quit, as I
did not the last time I quit.
I did buy some lozenges and a nicorette inhaler.
Have been using them over the past two days, but they really irritate
my throat and make me cough.
So this morning I went out, and bought some patches, the strong ones.
$65 bucks for 14!!
I plan to use the whole patch a few days, then cut in half a few
days... and so on till they are gone.
Sidenote: my car smells totally disgusting! First time I had been in
it since quitting.
I figure if any sort of NRT stops me from lighting up a smoke, it is
ok with me.
take care,

Two days, 1 hour, 38 minutes and 39 seconds. 62 cigarettes not smoked,
saving $9.31. Life saved: 5 hours, 10 minutes.