Feeling Like There Is Hope...

Well, this past year, seeing the major decline in posting here, and
after passing on the QuitList to Wayne, I really have been saddened
seeing the group dwindle down to about 15 of us who still post off and
on. But after reading elle's comments here yesterday I feel that we
have a great opportunity to re-group and grow. Let's face it, AS3
always worked because of the newbies. Sharing our insights with them
was a strong reason to continue to hang around long after I actually
needed support to be smober. But with no Newbies, we are on the edge
of extinction here in Usenet.

I do think it could be super if the new site could support photos or
videos in the thread so that we could have more options on how to
share our stories with each other. Certainly a large project such as
photos from a weekend still are best served with a link to another on-
line photo sharing site, but being able to add in a simple picture
could sometimes give what we say more punch. Same with a short
video. We all know how confusion can happen in this text only format
as it is hard to sometimes give the right tone to what we mean. The
causes others to misinterpret it and it can lead to flame posting
which never helps anyone.

So, I do hope we can get through this transition period and have a
site that can really be our online Home - and most certainly with
QuitBuddies the anchor.

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