Re: 75 thousand!

Wow, thanks Jef for keeping it all this time.
With hope and heart,

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Hits, that is. Not bad, considering I've never listed it with any search engines, nor promoted it other than here on USENET. It's all been word of mouth referrals, basically. 75,000+ visits to the site. Yikes!
I have removed the PAYPAL link, as I will discontinue accepting any donations. Thanks to all who have so kindly, regularly and generously assisted in the site's upkeep expenses for the last couple of years. It has been sorely needed and much appreciated, but 12 years is enough, I think.

The site will continue in existence until the current contract expires. I'm not sure when that is just now, but it'll be sometime before the end of the year. I will no longer be updating it, as I feel it has both served its purpose and outlived its usefulness. There are hardly any people here any longer, and it just seems... sad to me. It was fun while it lasted. Thank you all for your encouragement and support, and the many kind thoughts sent my way over the years.

If anyone is interested in taking on/taking over the site, please contact me and I will arrange to get you everything you need to maintain it.
Your pal,