Re: Detox - AGAIN

"Debbie" wrote
I think the overdose and collapse happened later on in my motel room. I
know I had to have been as drunk as I have ever been. I do not sing or
dance. I try not to cause that much damage to other people's hearing and

Ah, I see...
In my case, there's that court order. And the Neighborhood Watch.
To say nothing of the electronic larynx monitor.
Children cry, ladies pass out, and grown men have been known to soil
themselves when I sing.

The Polaroids of you dancing in the motel room are available for a nominal
fee, by the way.
Only three of the four Mariachis can be seen, but the two sailors, the baby
octopus and the bucket of creamed corn are all plainly visible.
That's a very fetching hat you have on, too. I would've thought it went on
one's head, but what do I know?