Re: Mar 11 2008

I am sorry about your mom and how you miss her. but I guess we will always miss out loved ones.
I am so glad to read you had a strength to remain smoke free through all this and never looked back.

just another prove that quit smoking can be done no matter how difficult life can be.

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" I will not fail.
I will prove that Bipolars can stay quit too

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I just read the DOF list, and I'm still here :)

March 11 2008. Looks quite a long way away now.

On March 11 2008 I was still in my old (marital) house. Hadn't yet
decided to sell it. That took over a year, 2 buyers nearly bought it,
3rd one actually did. Lost the first house I wanted to buy, got the
second one. Moved to new area, new everything strange and unfamiliar
after 21 years in the same place. Had to shed a *lot* of possessions
to downsize, and process a **lot** of associated memories.

On March 11 2008, my mother was alive. She hadn't been diagnosed with
dementia, had to go into residential care for a year following time in
a psychiatric unit. I (the only offspring) hadn't had to take over
all her financial affairs, clear and sell her home (which was bought
when I was 9) pretty much single handed bar the help of a couple of
angelic neighbours. Nor had I had to take over most of the life
decisions of a fiercely independent mother, watch her through her last
week following a heart attack and stroke, arrange her funeral & do the
rest of the desperately sad necessaries.

So. On March 11 2008, I had my last cigarette, put on the first of 12
week's worth of patches used exactly as prescribed by the NHS and the
rest is history :) Had I known then what was ahead - would I have
quit then ? Probably not. I'd have said oh no, it's all too stressful.
Best wait until I've finished moving and recovered from all the trauma
associated with my mother's circumstances.

But mercifully, I didn't know, so I just went ahead and did the quit
anyway. One of the very few instances when I'd have said it was
beneficial not to have foresight, really :) I'm lonely for my mother,
but not for cigarettes. I miss certain things as life's moving on,
but cigarettes aren't amongst them. Not one aspect of all the trauma,
fear, misery, acute physical and emotional stress and sheer grief
would have been even remotely alleviated by smoking.

Just thought I'd mention this ;)