Re: Life Is Too Short ...

Some of us want the grope hug! lol
With hope and heart,

"Marvin The Paranoid Android" <> wrote in message news:6421a9c9-8d41-402a-9f16-e0ee6b7ef83c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
... to fight.

Energies can be better spent spreading Kindness.

Not everyone agrees with everyone. It's our imperfections that make
Us Unique.

It's OK.

Compassion is The Way. No longer see it, but Become It. Breath It.
Be it. It's as simple and as Priceless as A Hug.

If it not for Love, what would there be?

Without Kindness, there is Nothing.

It's OK to be Us. Smile.

Happy Group Hug (almost wrote 'Grope Hug'),
Sir Marvie