Re: My new quit meter!

"Mike M" <mikemcig-free@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Well that is an impressive meter. I'll be honest I quit following
your threads so maybe I'm off here. But I got the impression you
really didn't listen to what people were telling you. You seemed to
have one view point and that was it. Again I quit reading your posts
so I don't know if you squared things up with the regular posters
here. I'll read a few more of your posts and decide again.

Don't wait.... Read his posts from this **past** week to decide.

His almost total rejection of NRT is dangerous for newbies reading here.
And his argumentation style is totally disingenuous - ie he's a troll -

Assuming his meter is real - he's still just like Watson... someone with an
agenda all thier own that only tangentally has anything to do with us.