Re: almost through week one

I think by the time you read this hell week is over for you and you are FWD (first week done) this is huge milestone and one of the hardest ones for most people. good to hear that you don't have cravings and can do things without missing smoking. However, please be careful a crave can hit any time and if you are not prepared for it you easily can fall into a junkie thinking trap

In regards to Sundays party I don't think you need prayers for it, I have faith in you and know you are strong enough and will not smoke. But I will pray that you don't feel sick from the smell from all the smokers and get to enjoy your party.


"Margie721" <SAVE_A_BOOBIE@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:e60134c2-ee25-474b-af5d-f00686e95fef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well it is Thursday man is in court fighting with his ex
wife on child support (she really needs to get off her ass and get a
job) and the funny thing is...I dont' want a ciggie...cuz I have faith
in MY GOD...and he is gonna help us through this!
I am on day 6 and it is 1/2 over...
I can sit and drink my coffee and work on the computer....and watch TV
and I still don't want a ciggie....T hat is what I find amazing......
The craving for something to put in my mouth or to keep my hands busy
is far greater than the craving for the tabacco....after reading a
post from Lizzie...I am sure it is not even tobacco that was filling
my maybe that is why it is much easier to quit.....(that
and I have the support of a great group and some wonderful
But what I am gonna need is lots of prayers for Sunday...I am hosting
the Super Bowl Party and they are all gonna be I will
have to get some strong air fresheners...LOL but all is okay..cuz come
Monday Morning I will remember why I quit again....
Have a blessed day.....
and thanks again...everyone for listening and have been
a great help....


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