Re: need to think of something to stay calm tomorrow

On Dec 10, 7:48 pm, PolarBear <carme...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
since smoking is NO longer an option I am trying to figure out what I
can do from now until tomorrow afternoon to stay calm and keep my mind
under control.

I have my final exam in Microsoft Excel and I know Ihave to get high
marks on that in order to make up for a screw up on my presentation. I
hate exams and I always panic before and during the test. I spent so
many hours studying for it, and still practicing some of the
exercises, but there is now way to know all of it. uuuuhhhh....

Normally I would go out and smoke but I worked so hard to get that far
I don't want to give in to a terrible addiction. So for one I will
reduce the coffee intake and enjoy a hot chocolate insteadt, two I
will try to be in bed by 11 to get about 7 hours sleep.... hhhmmm what

a PolarBear in panic

I guess you have aced that one by now, huh?