Re: Thankful For Two Months

Tihomir <tiho@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Instead of taking 12 puffs of smoke, Wayne Baker spoketh upon us:

This Thanksgiving Day (tomorrow for those in the U.S.), I'm thankful
to be two months smoke-free again. Although I have been smoke free
more than 8 months this year, a major slip is a major slip and the
meter was reset. I believe my body knows I was smoke-free for over 8
months though, and that's what really counts for me.

Congratulations on 10 months without the fumes Wayne!
I respect your ethics but a slip is just a slip, you really did spend
the vast majoity of the past 10 months without sticking cancer sticks
into your mouth.

Thanks Tihomir. I actually had a little over 1 year, nine months, 2
weeks when I blew it this past May. Then I was able to quit for 30 days
and blew it again. Now at over 2 months, it feels as secure as it did
previously. All in all, I'm very thankful to be smoke-free today. And,
according to our Happy Polar Bear, today is all that counts :-)

Wayne Baker
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