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Many cigar smokers (and some pipe) were (some still are) cigarette
smokers. They couldn't leave nicotine completely alone and
gave into it in another form. Former cigarette smokers still
inhale and those who say they don't are lying.

Why do pipe smokers say they don't inhale?
If they don't inhale, what is it to smoke a pipe?
Same thing with cigars.
If you aren't inhaling, I guess you just think you look cute with
the things in your mouth.

Always wondered, anyway.

Nicotine from pipe and cigar is absorbed through the soft tissues of
the mouth. They get their drug but not the rapid, 8-second to-the-brain
hit like cigarette smokers. That is, those who never smoked cigarettes.

"Virtually, all cigarette smokers inhale, even those who say they do not,
and they continue to do so when they switch to pipes or cigars."
--William Bennett, MD, is associate editor of the Harvard Medical
School Health Letter, Science 80, September/October 1980.

"Recall that carbon monoxide is only absorbed through the lungs. Also,
serum carboxyhemoglobin levels accurately reflect exposure to carbon
monoxide. Given the elevated serum carboxyhemoglobin levels demonstrated
in ex-cigarette smokers who smoke cigars, it is clear that ex-cigarette
smokers, even though they report no inhalation, do inhale."
--Marc J. Schneiderman, M.D., 1998

Of the smokers who post at alt.smokers.pipes, there was a survey
taken just last months of the members: Of 21 responses, 8 said
they inhaled some or all of the time, 13 said they didn't.
But 6 of the ones who said they didn't inhale were (or still
are) cigarette smokers. So, I'll believe only 7 of the 21
could seriously claim they didn't inhale directly (they
all inhale the smoke from the burning end of the pipe, the
secondhand smoke). So, as a maximum, 33% of pipe smokers don't
inhale directly into the lungs the smoke from the mouthpiece.
But I'm suspicious of the claims of those 33%.

Just a cautionary warning, if you think you are smoking
safer by switching to pipe or cigars from cigarettes, you're mistaken.