Re: 19 days

On Nov 22, 7:47 am, PolarBear <carme...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I figured since I haven't smoked for 19 days I might as well make it
20 days.

today is Sunday and I feel soooo tiered, I just got 5 hours sleep and
woke up and felt like I had a smoke party last nigth.... my room
smelled of smoke, my cloth smelled of smoke and I felt bad and guilty
and figured so now that I started smoking lets have another one, but I
didn't find any ciggarettes anywhere, or traces off, and it was than
that I realized I didn't smoke at all. hhhmm -- weird can a  dream
feel so real, that you wake up and you actually believe it happened?

I am off to a Sunday nap, before I do homework.

I wish you all a smoke free and enjoyable Sunday.