Re: thanks and good night AS3

On Nov 12, 11:35 pm, PolarBear <carme...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
it was a rough day, from bad to worse. -- hhhmmm maybe not that bad,
it could have been worse, I could have ended up smoking....

the guys for the project simply forgot that we were supposed to meet.
I did all the work and send it to them asking for some feed back
before I send it off to the teacher. Well it was due midnight, so I
had no choice but finished on my own and send it off without feed
back. :(

but to make things even worse I got a whole lecture from hubby how I
need to sleep and why I want to have high marks.... dammit  what is
wrong with that???? what is wrong with being good at school? but I
think he had a rough day too and just used me as a target to let his
frustration out  --- so that pissed me off even more.

but on the end its all good. all homework is done, I studied for a
test, and I survived the day without smoking. I refuse to fall down. I
will be able to stay quit as long as I don't fall down.

thanks you AS3 for being there.


There you go...
This one done.
Give thanks.
Get up in the morinng, ask for help, and do it again.