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I'm so glad I dropped by today! How exciting for you, Marilyn! MMM!

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"Marilyn Matte" <ag868@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| In the past ten years I have done many things, won many battles, lost
| battles, friends and occaionally my mind. I've become a mother-in-law, a
| grandmother (twice), a retired person, a former home owner, a
| returned-to-work boomer because, well, my retirement was/is not what I
| thought it would be. I've made new friends, lost some old ones, stood up
| for my principles.
| Ten years, two hours, twenty minutes, forty-five seconds ago, I did the
| smartest and hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I have not spent
| 19,726.73 Canadian dollars on 109,593 cigarettes and I have saved or added
| year, two weeks, two days, twelve hours and 27 seconds to my life.
| The second smartest thing I did was to come to this group, Halloween
| Night, 1999. I read, I stayed, I won.
| The support I found here made my quit possible and to you, all of you, I
| thank you.
| mmm