Re: My resolve..

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time Inky, but it's good to
read you know smoking isn't the answer. Even with an impressive
quit like yours, it makes sense to think of smoking at times like
these, doesn't it? As smokers we'd so often reach for smokes in
times we were stressed, lonely or depressed. And in our quits
we learned to deal with most of our problems without reaching
for a smoke. It's just impossible to prepare for everything. You
have read posts here long enough to know long time quitters get
into situations they start thinking about smoking again so bad you
could call it craves.

Me? I believe in retraining your brain, so I'd go pay DDSteve
a visit at: for a small refresher
course and see what that does to help you get those thoughts of
smoking out of your system and get through this phase of your life
with your quit intact.

I'll stop coz from what I read it feels like you ' know'. Not just
that, I've seen you quit... you're strong! Take care of yourself.
Splitting up is a bitch at best and I wish better times for you.
Congrats on reaching your DOFQOF,

"Inky" <> schreef in bericht ...
Hi people!

My weekends are lonely since I split up with my ex.. The kids are at
their dad's over the weekends and it feels empty. 2 years + and I can
still hear my addiction calling. Tempting to fill the emptyness inside
me with a comforting smoke.. I know it's idiotic to even think I'd
break my quit but this emptyness feels so aweful..

Smoking is not the answer, it is not going to fill the gap. Tomorrow
evening they will be back home again, making me wish they went to
their dad's again already.. Then there will be emptyness again. But it
will pass.. At some point I will get used to this. If I smoke, I'll
still feel empty. And the anxiousness and panics will return. I'll be
poor, so poor I could barely feed and clothe my children. And, once
I'll get used to this new life, I would still be smoking.

I can tell myself this thousands of times. I need it out of my system!


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