Last Updated: June 12, 2007

"Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the
one thing that assures the successful outcome of any venture."
-- William James

This FAQ (a collection of Frequently Asked Questions) appears in 4 parts,
which together contain a list of common questions and some answers and
opinions about nicotine addiction, tobacco use, smoking cessation, and
staying smoke-free. The first section contains information about the group,
its resources, customs, and quirks.The remainder contains practical
information about nicotine use, help with every phase of smoking cessation,
and descriptions of various quitting techniques.

The FAQ is posted to the Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking (AS3) newsgroup once per
week by Lynn H : lynn.scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but it is also available on the
World Wide Web at:

and at: (hosted in Ontario, Canada),

Most of the material in this FAQ has been gathered from posts which
originally appeared on the AS3 newsgroup and is based primarily on
information from the personal experiences of the individuals in this
newsgroup, none of whom are professionals in the field of habit control,
unless noted. Excerpts from various related books, publications, and
Internet sites are also included in this FAQ. Send questions or comments via
e-mail to Lynn, Editor (lynn.scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Also, some of the uncredited writing of this FAQ was done by Joseph
Dickerson, Mike "Hawkeye" Crowell, Ray Bannon, Ian Fraigun, Barry Pekilis,
Liorah Golomb and Paula Barrington, the previous Editors. Thanks to all for
their generous support!

This FAQ is a work-in-growth, and contributions are always of interest. If
you would like to make a submission, please send it to me and I will be
pleased to consider it. I reserve the right to edit any accepted
submissions, but in cases where I suggest substantial changes, I will
consult with the contributor before inclusion in the FAQ.

Disclaimer-type statement: While I cannot take responsibility for the
accuracy of the information provided in the Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking
Frequently Asked Questions documents, I have done my best to assemble
factual material from good sources. I welcome your corrections and comments;
please e-mail them to me at: lynn.scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The AS3 family, and how we can help you and each other

Part 1

1. What is a FAQ?
2. What is Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking?
3. What are the basic rules of "Netiquette"?
a. Lurking
b. Flaming
c. Cross-Posting
d. Quoting
e. Posting E-mail
4. How do I access the newsgroup?
5. Why Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking?
6. I need help! Why isn't anyone answering my post?
7. Who runs the group?
8. Does AS3 have a political agenda?
9. What's the discussion like? Are you all biting each other's heads off in
a nicotine-withdrawal frenzy?
10. When can I start posting?
11. What are some of the quirky phrases and eccentricities I'll find on AS3?
12. Where can I get one of those nifty meters?
a. for Windows
b. for the Mac
c. I had a relapse! Should I reset my meter?
13. How can I tell if I'm addicted and what does it take to become addicted?
14. When I quit, will I be a NON- or an EX-smoker?
15. What is the Quit List?
16. What is the Milestones List?
17. What is the AS3 COMPOST ?
18. Where can I find the AS3 WWW homepage?
19. What archived material compiled by the AS3 newsgroup can I get FREE of
20. Are there other related groups or information sources?
21. Are there recommend any books on quitting?
22. Is there anything fun about quitting smoking?

Techniques, Troubleshooting, and Tips

Part 2

23. Why is quitting smoking so difficult?
24. I smoke lights. Aren't they safer?
25. Are cigars any better?
26. Should I switch from smoking to smokeless (chewing) tobacco?
27. How can I prepare to quit smoking or chewing tobacco?
28. How long will the physical withdrawal last?
29. Can't I have just one last one?

Part 3

30. What is the best method for quitting?
a. Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)
b. Cold Turkey
c. The Patch
d. Nicotine Gum
e. Nicotine Nasal Spray
f. Cutting Down
g. Acupuncture/Acupressure
i. Before quitting
ii. After quitting
h. Hypnosis
i. Herbs
j. Cream of Tartar
k. Zyban a/k/a/ Wellbutrin and Other Antidepressants, w/ or w/o NRT
l. Mecamylamine and the Patch
m. Chantix
n. Allen Carr
o. Programs
p. Alternative Healing

Part 4

31. How do I avoid relapsing during stressful times?
32. I dreamt I smoked!
33. What about weight gain?
34. What is your quit smoking mantra?
35. But I don't *want* to gain weight!
36. Just how does smoking harm my health?
37. Just what am I inhaling/ingesting when I smoke?
38. What are some of the less publicized health risks of smoking?
e.Dermatological Aliments
39. How do the numbers from smoking-related deaths compare to other causes
of death?
40. What is metastasis?
41. What if I quit . . . will I ever get better?
42. OK, I quit. Why do I feel worse?
43. On the other hand . . . why do I feel so potent?
44. I've smoked for so many years, what's the point of quitting now?
45. Will it ever get any easier?
46. How can I urge someone to quit smoking, or encourage someone who is
trying to quit?

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