UPDATE 2: A series of minor rants

Geez, just when I thought it was getting better...First the A/C, then the pool...

On Tuesday, not long after I posted my update, my son called me from school to tell me that his bike had been stolen. This was a very nice Mongoose mountain bike that he had worked and saved his own money to buy. It is his main transportation around the immediate area of town. Apparently they busted the lock and took it in broad daylight from the front of the school. The police officer who is stationed at the school said basically, "Sorry, we don't have any video cameras out front", which was his way of saying "Oh well, we won't do anything about it". I am SO PISSED.

Then later in the day, I'm running all over town like a chicken with my head cut off, tyring to get evrything done. My transmission starts acting like it doesn't want to shift gears when I take off from stoplights. However, I soon notice that it only does it when I make a jack-rabbit start, so I back of and ease into it and it's fine. I figure, Okay, it needs tranny fluid...I'll stop while I'm out and get some. I brought my son home from one of his many activities, parked in the garage and came in to make a phone call and check for an email before heading out again. When I went back out the car, and my car would not go in reverse! The shifter moves, the idle changes a little, but nothing happens. Pressing the accelerator just causes the engine to rev. It DOES, however, go into forward! :( Hubby called our very trusted mechanic and he says it sounds like I need a new transmission. So now we're talking around $1000 for a junk-yard part or close to $2000 for a rebuilt one. Aye-carrumba! Don't know how the hell I will be able to afford THAT!

So yesterday, hubby and I had to share a vehicle. I wound up being a driver all day. His commute is 24 miles in heavy city traffic. Took him to work, came home in time to check emails, then had to pick up my son from one school. We ran two errands I didn't get to finish the day before, grabbed some food, and then took him to his other school. Had time to run one errand and come home for a quick shower before I picked son up from school. We both had a dentist appointment in an hour and a half. Takes 30 minutes to get there. We went ahead and then used the remaining hour to sit in the lobby and work on his phone calls for the Eagle Scout project he's working on. After the dentist, we ran over to The Container Store to do some pricing for the Eagle project (he has to submit his price quote Thursday AM (today). Then it was time to pick up Dad at work, make our way home through traffic, and make dinner. If this is how life works for people with only one car -- BAH HUMBUG! We need to be a two car family. I could have gotten twice as much done if I didn't have to do that. Plus the shortage of the bike meant I had to run son on stuff he could have gotten to on his own.

This bad luck crap is for the birds. I'm starting to wonder what I did in a past life that Karma is out to get me so bad! Or maybe I just forgot to forward one of those stupid chain emails??? LOL

Either way, I'm not smokin'! So no matter what happens, I've got something to smile about. Nope, they can't take that away from me!