Re: I may be overweight, but I haven't smoked for 4 months!

On Oct 29, 4:18�am, "Adam" <add...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've now been smoke and nicotine free for 4 months! �Amazing. �I still can't
quite believe it. �Cigarettes are no longer a part of my life. �The truth
is, I don't actually feel much better than I did when I smoked, however I
feel like I've got the potential to feel better, which I never had before
(more about that below). �The important thing is that I just don't think
about smoking very often these days. �Sure, every now and again I feel like
I want a smoke, but those thoughts are few and far between. �I'll often go
several days without thinking about smoking.

The down side is that I've put on a lot of weight �I've never had to worry
about my weight before so I don't know how much I've gained, but I'm
guessing around 5Kg, probably more. � So, a couple of weeks ago I went out
and bought some bathroom scales and decided to start being a little more
careful about what I eat.

Generally I think I eat quite healthily, however during my quit, I've been
eating a lot more, and a lot of general "rubbish" (always seem to have a
packet of sweats on my desk for example!). �So, I've cut those out over the
last few weeks, and am now filling up on fruit if I get hungry during the
day. �That said, I don't regret eating all those sweats in the first few
months, as they helped my quit.

I've also started walking. �I only live about 1.5 miles from my work place,
but I used to drive in. �Over the last few weeks I've been walking in, and
have been really enjoying it. �I've also been going for long walks at
lunchtime, something which I would never even consider doing when I was a
smoker. �I love it! �I'm lucky enough to live in a City with a rich, diverse
(and sometimes dark) history, so I've been enjoying going for walks by the
old Victorian docks, or the old railways etc. �There are all these areas,
only a few miles from where I live, and I've never explored them before.
Hell, I didn't know half of them were there. �This is what I mean by feeling
like I have the potential to feel better, if I was still a smoker, I don't
think I'd be able to enjoy walking so much, for a start I'd probably get out
of breath too quickly. �I'm trying to do at least 10,000 steps a day (about
5 miles). �That's not always possible, especially at the weekend when I'm
looking after my little boy, but quite often I'll do more during the week
(For example, I walked the "long way" into work this morning as it was such
a lovely crisp, cold morning, and ended up doing nearly 5 miles).

Of course, I don't know what I'm going to do when the weather gets too bad
for talking lunch time wanders (I don't mind the cold, but I don't fancy
getting soaked to the skin at lunchtime!). � I may start swimming in the
mornings, but I'm not sure I really want to do that!

The thing is that it doesn't especially bother me. �If I can stop smoking, I
sure as heck can lose a few pounds! �Considering that while I was smoking I
wasn't walking at all, and I'm now doing several miles a day, not to mention
that I've cut out all the sweats I started eating, I'm sure given another 4
months I'll be a slimmer self!

...And even if I can't, I'd rather be an overweight non-smoker, than a slim
smoker, truthfully.


Wonderful post, Adam. You're on the right track. About those snacks,
how about keeping a supply of carrots and celery in the fridge. You
can eat tons of those and never gain an ounce. Also useful is a
toothpick now and then. Not to eat of course, but just to keep that
mouth occupied with something that is not a cigarette. I used to keep
a glass of cold water by my side all the time in the beginning. Well,
I guess I still do that. But every time I would feel the urge to
smoke, I would drink maybe half a glass of water. No calories in
water. Another thing I did, I kept a rubber band on my left wrist.
Every time I wanted a smoke, I would snap that rubber band against the
tender inside of my wrist.

Walking is another good and helpful way to ease your path. I live in
New York City which is a city of walkers. There was a time that I
would walk to work in the mornings, a distance of about 2-1\2 miles.
I also went to a local pool and took swimming lessons; I was never
much of a swimmer but this pool was nearby and if you signed up for
classes you could go there on Saturdays for free swim time.

There are many more hints for fighting off the craves on
and tons of very helpful information about the group and about
quitting smoking in general. You will find all kinds of funny stuff
too, courtesy of our class clown and all around good buddy Jef.

Quitting is a bit of a wild ride, but just by coming here you have put
the process in motion. You are among friends and fellow survivors of
one of the hardest addictions in the world to overcome.

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