Re: Tommy 2W!! (despite car being brken into, computer, IPOD, all CDs, new messenger bag & Con lawbook, 190 pages worth had been "book briefed"

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Tommy and Stephanie, you rock!


ep somehow I knew that you'd fully appreciate this shaking-in-shoes 1L
just losing it over his 190-pages-of-book-briefed Con Law stolen. As
you know it takes a while to get your personal plan of attack down for
case-law based courses and he I guess finally went my way (no
highlighting, just note taking in margins, IDing issue, pro posture,
holding etc). Honestly he was most shaken up about this. I told him
that he wouldn't believe me but that when he goes back into his now-
new Con Law book if he REALLY had gotten his head around it when first
doing it, it would all come back to him quickly and he'd be able to
brief it out quickly again.

I talked to my Amy last night and she is stressing mightily over
something sort of similar. She is taking some variable function
calculus (I think that's what it's called) and had a long homework
assignment due. She is very meticulous and has been trained by her
mother that if no one can read what you've written then there's no
point in writing it so the work was extremely, um, tidy. Being math
this isn't something that can be produced on the computer. She'd been
told by the TA that if he wasn't in his office he would leave an
envelope on his office door. When she went to the office he wasn't
there but there was no envelope so she slid the work under the door.
When the homework was returned yesterday hers wasn't there. She
talked to the TA and pointed out that there was no envelope. Well,
she'd been there at 1:00 on the day it was due and he hadn't put up
the envelope until 2:00. Claims he didn't see her paperwork on the
floor in the office. She is devastated.

I hope you are well. Anxious to hear an update about you.

This program is kicking me around the block and then driving over me.
As nuanced as law school but requiring a whole damn bunch of self
examination, all very wearing. Plus this god-awful schedule that
essentially has me in a siege Sun-Tues. Not good for self-care &
mental health management to barely sleep a couple nights a week.

As tough as this seems to be if you aren't up to it I don't know who
Sue - procrastinating about going to bed because I hate that room.