Re: Day 2

yay Luna
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"Luna" <lunachick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Made it through another day quit. For anyone curious about quitting on
Chantix, I can tell you how it's been for me so far.

Side effects I'm pretty sure are from Chantix: minor, occasional nausea
that lasts a half-hour or so.

Side effects that could be from Chantix or withdrawal: drowsiness, mood
swings, irritability

The withdrawal symptoms are much milder for me than in my past "cold
turkey" quits. I feel like I'm a few weeks in, not just two days in.
The urge isn't totally gone, just easier to handle. In idle moments, I
sometimes feel like my brain wants a cigarette, but it doesn't feel like
my whole body is aching for one, you know? Even last night when I was
having an emotional outburst, I wanted a hug a lot more than I wanted to

So yeah, I think it's working out this time. I've found out I'm not as
out of shape as I thought I was. If I go for a walk without smoking the
whole time, turns out I don't get out of breath. It's neat.