Re: Computer broke down. Dammit!

Better that the computer broke down than that *you* had broken down.

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In regards to not smoking...doing just fine :)

I'm soon coming up on 4 months of being smoke-free! Yahooooooo!

Good for you!!!

3) Am I going to continue to get fatter? Am I going to continue to
wear bigger and bigger jeans? Ohhhhh no!! I hope not!

That's up to you. :o(

4) How does anyone survive when their computer breaks down? That is
a harder addiction to break than smoking, I think!!!

I'll go along with you there. I would go nuts without my computer. We
have next to no web access at work. Other than sending e-mail outside
the agency and going to Kelly Blue Book we can't do anything.

Hope all is well!

Well, I'm not smokin' and my computer is working pretty well so
everything is well here.
My sympathy to your daughter. I've been lucky and never had shingles
but my mom did so I have a small idea of how painful it is.