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On Dec 5, 10:03 am, 1_is_2_much <Kuma...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Rosie -
That's exactly what worked for me "read & post" in the past.
I hope your quit is going well..

reading and posting to this group is the biggest reason that i was able to
here is my meter:

I am truly a hopeless case because I quit every day & screw up the
very same day most of the time..
This has happened for a good 90% of this year.

Yesterday, I started the thread "Today's the day"
Well, I must admit I lasted only 6 hours. It's humiliating -- but I
plan to keep posting everytime I quit just so I am atleast somewhat
honest with myself.

Anyways, I quit agaiin 1 hour now..
Thanks for your support!

Wonder if you might wanna go get your doctor involved.
You sound like me for 10 years before I got Chantix.
I didn't use the word humiliation.
But I did use the word ashamed quite a few times.

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