Thanks so much for posting your YYYYYY!! It's so inspirational to see
posts like yours. Congratulations!!!
One year, seven months, six days, 9 hours, 47 minutes and 49 seconds.
19318 cigarettes not smoked, saving $3,216.52. Life saved: 9 weeks, 4
days, 1 hour, 50 minutes.

On Sat, 27 Oct 2007 08:25:57 -0400, "~August" <august164@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I quit smoking at 9am on October 27th, 2001. And after 6 years, you bet I
still celebrate!

My goal is to be quit longer than I was a smoker.
I started smoking when I was 14 and smoked on and off for 23 years. That
means I have 17 more years to go before I can call it even. Its been a long
long time since I was on the one day at a time mindset.... now I look
forward to one year at a time. But I refuse to be complacent. I refuse to
not read this group on an almost daily basis. I refuse to forget where I
came from and what I went through.

early stages of being quit was knowing I was not alone. Any time I
questioned "why?" Why do I feel like this? Why is this happening? Why
anything.... all I had to do was read AS3... and someone would give me the
answer... more often than not, not even realizing they had.

The absolute worse thing about quitting was never going through the libido
stage but fiercely going through the flatulence stage! ARGHH! That still
gets my goat!

I actually have about 35 minutes before my exact quit time but what the
hell. I don't wait to celebrate my birthday until 4 o'clock in the afternoon

I hope you all have a wonderful, smoke-free day!

October ButtKicker 2001
<old fogey, version 6.0>
Why would I want to have "just one" anyway?

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