Re: Yeah Baby!!

Thanks Joe...for the congrats and for dance. :) *shaking head* what have I started here?? (wild fairies, drunken walruses, nekid muskies...)


Not too much longer now and we'll celebrate your two months as well. :)

Lots of love
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Gkeeper wrote:
Summer......Outstanding, to the leader of the 007's!!! Robin beat me to the drunken walrus dance
so I will have to pass along one that we frequently perform here in Wisconsin:
"The Dance of the Nekid Muskies"





WTG, Summer and best of luck with your other "project"

Keep on kickin' butt...."or tomorrow they'll be hell to pay" (SNZ)

Joe "007 - shaken not stirred"

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Anne D. wrote:
"DutchVanAfoort" <zniborz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:45f5e1a4$0$2021$ba620dc5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
It's gorgeous Summer! Congrats on reaching yer M&Ms!

From page 40985 of the big book of silly nekkid clog dances I'd like to
dance this new dance I practiced called 'the Drunk', to the music of the
Beatles song 'I am the Walrus' while eating a bag of M&Ms.