Re: Why was Nicorette Orange Discontinued?

I'd rather be hooked on the gum than the smokes. Haven't smoked in over
a year. Who do I email? Not sure who makes the gum?
DutchVanAfoort wrote:
A lot of people here send them emails about this flavor. You might
want to do that as well. And at the same time. Remember this is a
quit aid, it's not candy and doesn't have to taste great to help you
quit smoking. Still, email them. You're not the only one bummed
out by this. Welcome to as3 by the way. If you think we can help
you in your quit please let us know,

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"nugz" <> schreef in bericht ...
I'm hooked on this flavor and its next to impossible to find now, even
on ebay. I've tried the other fruit chill and even the coated Orange
from Canada. The problem I have with these "new" flavors are their use
of that "cooling" agent. That minty/cooling stuff that they put in
regular gum. The orange was so nice and neutral and one could enjoy it
with beverages and it wouldn't interfere with the flavor or coffee or
soda. The new gum, which I feel has a minty quality to it sucks. How
can they just discontinue this flavor? Aren't they aware that people
are addicted to it?

The new orange and fruit flavor gum is too soft and the flavor
overpowers the "peppery" taste of the nicotine. I cant even taste the
peppery flavor so it's hard to tell when to stop chewing. They are more
concerned with having this taste more like gum. If you cant taste the
nicotine being released, whats the point.