Re: Hey, Marvie - I finally walked

Sue wrote:
I got off my lazy ass yesterday and went for a walk during break time
at work. It was only a circuit around the perimeter of the parking
lot which covers a block. My usual walking music (from the old days
when I wasn't so lazy) is a tape of Sousa marches. I highly recommend
march music for walking because it helps one keep up the pace. Now, I
imagine myself to be the drum major leading the band. Slowing down is
not an option because I don't want to get goosed by the trombones or,
worse yet, knocked over and trampled by the entire brass and reed
sections. Ya gotta watch those flautists, ya know. They can be
Somehow, for yesterday's walk my tape had gotten turned over (I
suspect my grandson) and I ended up walking to the Wedding March
(Lohengrin). That about had me running just to get away from the
whole idea.
1m 8:55 smoke-free, 931 cigs not smoked, $155.01 saved, 3d 5:35 life


Atta Girl!

Do it daily and make it a new habit (maybe without the wedding march tho!).

I've been riding my bike to work this week -- so it now takes approx. 40 secs instead of the 5 minutes to walk -- and using the stationary bike for the past 6 or 7 weeks almost daily has given me back my 'biking legs' from my twenties. I can take off like a bat-out-of-hell and my lungs feel really, really good.

Keep it going Sue -- I'm really happy you're starting this. After a bit you may become addicted to it (!!) or the endorphines. It doesn't take to much to start reconditioning your body -- just start with a little exercise but repeat it daily.

Thanks and keep me updated on your progress!


-- Marvie