Re: Somebody nail me to my chair

vandiwa wrote:

Is there any substitute for the reward?  How do you people (quitters)
get by in life without instant gratification?

It's a good question. There's a tendancy to replace cigarettes with something else - food often and drink sometimes or shopping or gambling. I've been trying to get myself away from that treat mentality, that I need constant little treats to get myself through the day, but it's not easy. Some people have got healthier treats. I envy the British who can believe that a cup of tea is a treat. With the right tea and not too much cream or sugar added, it's even good for you. Meditation, aromatherapy, a walk - those are all good treats. But mostly I think it's best to try to eliminate the need for treats altogether. We're not children who need to be bribed to get our work done.

But sorry, that's for later. Eat your snickers. You're too early in the process to worry about all this. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for yourself right here and now and if later you become a stronger, better, more mature person as a result then how cool is that? But even if you don't, you still quit smoking and that's huge.