Re: Ex-smokers biking?

"TammyM" <me@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> August, in some ways, biking makes me feel like a kid again. And in
> other ways, it's a bit of an ego trip to me when I talk about my
> cycling and how it really began for me when I was nearing age 42, and
> that I (usually) do 100+ miles a week (20 commute miles each day,
> weather permitting, and whatever I do recreationally on the w/e.)

Well Tammy, i would say good for you! Nothing wrong with feeling good about
yourself and being proud of what you have accomplished. I must say, i am
impressed with what i read here from cyclists. I am not far from where you
were when you started cycling seriously, so that tells me there is hope for
me yet. I like bike riding, but i dont know how serious i would want to get
into it. These posts here are peaking my interest though!


> I biked a bit in my late 20's-early 30's, but we're talking a
> "commute" of about 3 miles -- RT! At a truly leisurely pace. I feel
> almost re-born (in the non-religious sense, natch) with the biking
> lifestyle I lead now, I am much more physically fit, have very very
> strong legs (need more work on the u/b though, most do more weight
> resistance training), and this regimen is something I never would have
> contemplated when I was smoking 2+ packs/day.
> Anecdotally, one of my first rides when I started out (and before I
> even knew I was starting out!) was the full American River Bike Trail,
> start to finish, all 60+ miles of it. I truly did not think I was
> going to make the last 15 miles, and I seriously pissed off my much
> fitter companion with my difficulties but hey, I made it, I hurt like
> hell for a couple of days, and here I am, nearly 3 years later now
> capable of pretty easily doing 80 miles as I did not long ago.
> Next goal: full century, not the metric. Goal after that - the Death
> Ride!
> TammyM