Re: AS3 Behind the Scenes Help

Hi August, I think that anonymity is the keyword for AS3 Help. I don't
mind answering your questions, however. We don't get a crowd of people
using this service. Certain times of the year probably bring out more
people than at other times. Just as in the summertime it gets slow here in
AS3, it seems to have done the same thing in AS3Help.

How it works is each week I post this message to AS3. Anyone can ask for
help. In other words private emailing. They can be people that do or don't
already post here in public. Maybe someone needs some more personalized
help or they need help with something they don't want to post about here.
Everyone is welcome.

I have a list of people that are part of this special group. They are all
different kinds of quitters from AS3. Some are current posters and some are
not but still want to be of help to someone who wants to quit or is quit.

AS3Help welcomes all volunteers for this honor. If you'd like to be on the
list just send an email to AS3Help@xxxxxxxxxx

I'm not sure it's wise to give out 'stats' for an anonymous service. I hope
I've given you the information needed to appease your curiousity.


"~August" <august164@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| >"TammyM" <me@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| >news:42e3c741.40766439@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| >
| > Quite some time ago, I was one of the folks who headed up this effort
| > [...] I'm guessing that we got **maybe** 3 requests for
| > support, on average, in a month.
| >"dkrug" <me@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| >news:4L-dnV_CTprdUH7fRVn-gg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| >[...] When I was doing it there were only about 4 or 5 people a month
| >requesting help.
| We know there are a LOT of folks who get what they need here just from
| lurking. Even if only a few feel the need to use AS3 Help, i think it is
| great that they have this in place for them.
| Still interested to know what the current stats are like....
| "~August" <august164@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| news:dc0550$jp2$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| I have always been curious about this part of AS3. Each week a posting
| out offering this service and its been around for so long that i assume it
| does a good job.
| Without giving names or specific details, could you give the rest of AS3
| inside look at how much activity this gets... like how many volunteers are
| signed up to offer help... how many emails you get from persons each week
| month asking for help, etc.
| I just think it would be nice to know more about this part of AS3 and how
| is helping others.


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