Re: I am an HOF

I am sorry for not responding earlier. Couple of things happened after
my last post.

1. I got myself a new laptop and a prequel to my US trip. The
changeover took some time and things got messed up a bit before I could
become fully operational once again.

2. I was also busy with my trip to the US. I am now in the US on a 15
day business tour. So things got rather busy.

Having said this, let me thank everyone for the warm messages. Here
are some specific responses.

1. It definitely does get better from now on. I was given a smoking
room ( other rooms booked ) in the hotel and in my previous avatar, I
would have looked forward to it. But now the smell repels. Also there
is no urge to smoke. This is really great.

2. do you know so much Hindi?

3. Harish..the figures are in Indian Rupees. B & H at Rs 75 a pack.
Mumbai rates.

Thanks once again and apologies for not responding sooner