Re: On Being a Regular ....

pruno.......drano....hmmmm, kind of sound alike.
Seein as to what they're meant to do, I wonder if
that's intentional?


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On Sun, 25 May 2008 12:56:38 -0400, "Ross M. Greenberg"
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With all the drugs I'm taking -- Baclofen, Detrol, Flomax, Proscar --
it seems to affect me by blocking me up. I have found that warm prune juice -- with the pulp -- has just the opposite effect, causing me to defecate within the hour, in to keep defecating for the rest of the day.

There must be a happy medium! What foods have you discovered that do
not constantly you, nor cause diarrhea?

Recipes for these foods would be good too...



Recipes: prune sandwich, prune ans scrambled eggs, prune and ice cream
sundae, prune and peanutbutter sandwich, etc. etc.

Or your can take the prunes and make pruno. Pruno was/is created by
prisoners in penatenturies. They use(d) prunes to make a wonderful
drink called "pruno" by letting the fermenting processes take place.

As far as the bowel movements go, if you drink enough pruno, you -
ready for this?

- scroll down -

you won't give a shit!