Re: new police sport

Dory, Dunny has the dawg and I both trained to eat nothing but the best
grade of Kibbles and Bits. The facial hair you refer to as toilet brush
gets nothing but the finest shampoos and conditioners and is as soft as
silk. Dunny's dainty, southern skin will settle for nothing less.

And if you make it to the dam maybe you could poach some of the gaters
out. There's a leaky little dinghy just right for a Dory turned upside
down beside the first willow tree. If you get past the rabid dawg, and
the cannon fire watch for the coppermouthed rattle-moccasins under the
dory Dinghy, er, dinghy Dory.
Re: new police sport

Group: Date: Mon, Mar 3, 2008, 7:29pm (CST-2)
From: QQQte@xxxxxxxxx
tick if i wanted to poach deer on your property i'd feed your yapper dog
prime rib. and if need be blow a hole from the side of course thru the
toliet brush you have hanging off your face called hair. sweet dreams...
btw my only challenge would be your lake. yep i just might poach yer
fishing lake while i'm at it.... dory
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best of us that its rather hard to discern which of us ought to reform
the rest of us"...........

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