Re: Deputy now suspended after dumping man from wheelchair -donn

Wow - you are about the last person I would of thought I would EVER
disagree with donn --

I love the United states --- Florida is a fantasy land not really a part
of real life in the USA -- or at least what I have seen of it --

Yes - bring your vacattion dollars here -- even I loved vacationing here
nice place to visit ...... you know the rest -

I am in public as harmless as a butterfly -- so far I have managed to be
arrested twice -- in 5yrs -- during which time I have left the house
alone aprx 10 times a yr !!!

I lived over 50 yrs in Ohio and never was arrested (except for a college
demonstration) ---

That is because Ohio has normal people living REAL LIFE --

OK -- I do not want to edit this RANT -- so I am definetly biased in my
feelings and words --

Be safe and well :-) .... DVORA


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