Re: Dory...Weather Update!

On Sun, 8 Apr 2007 21:20:12 -0700, QQQte@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

it's nice to hear about your weather. ours was great tee shirt weather.
my easter was doing great until i noticed my neighbor from hell spraying
all the leaves in gutter right in front of my house again.

it ticked me off so i got my power spayer and sprayed lthe leaves of my
lawn into the pile of leaves ahe had sprayed in front of my house.
so i took my power sprayer
and blew a three ft pile right up to where she backs her car out.
i've still got my srayer hooked up in case she trys it again
tomorrw. if she does i'll blow her ass over then put the nozzle between
her teeth:-)

i didn't get a chocolate easter bunny:-( but i've had a fun day
anyway... dory

Never mess with Dory.