Re: Ping! Tiger Girl newsreader problems

Tiger Girl wrote:
Have you tried just configuring Outlook Express' or Thunderbird's
newsreader from the FAQ section of your ISP's homepage? I did that from
the FAQ section of my ISP.

Thunderbird is my reader of preference & it works great as long as I'm
connected to my cable modem at home. If I'm away from home, the server
won't accept the login. Or rather, won't establish the connection -
the error results in endless presentation of the username/password
dialog box.

Ah ha!

Many ISP's won't accept connections to their news servers unless you are
directly connected to their network. If your current IP address is
outside of their network, they will refuse the connection request.

OK, did a little checking, and based on this thread in the Charter
Forums at Broadband Reports, it seems that is exactly what they are doing:,17416286

Charter has outsourced its news service to Highwinds. When you connect,
the Highwinds server checks your IP address against the range of Charter
IP addresses. If your IP address is not within that range, they will
deny access.

At least, that's my semi-edumacated guesstimate of the situation. ;-)