Re: jumping shoulders

I've got the jumpy legs thing too. Always assumed it was the MS. Mine happens when lying down, or sitting in certain positions like watching tv. Its often a very regular thing -- every 40 seconds or so.

One thing I found, which is VERY probably coincidental but what the heck: I tend to follow a very low fat, low calorie diet that believe it or not can result in relatively low sodium intake. I tried actually increasing my salt intake, and the jumping seemed to subside. (Sodium and potassium levels are both important to nerve function, and who knows maybe even more important to demyelinated nerves...)


Karen wrote:
A couple of years ago my legs starting jumping when I would lie down.
Then it was my shoulders as well. Then it stopped for about a year.
Now my shoulders have been at it for a few months. It looks like a
really big tic. It always happens when I lie down, but also when I sit
at the computer. It's a jarring feeling. It's happening about a
hundred times a day.
Is this MS related? I'm not sure, because I think it may be related to
taking Prozac. Then again, maybe I just have been doing too many
stretching exercises.