MSFriends Peer Telephone Support

MSFriends has a primary mission, to improve the quality of life for
people with Multiple Sclerosis, for their families and friends. MS
effects all ages and races. Over 1.5 million people and their families
in the US are affected by MS. Many are isolated and suffering in

MSFriends is working to offer the first 24/7-telephone helpline,
staffed with people who have this disease. We can offer the invaluable
service of ?Patients Helping Patients.? This is a lifeline that is
immediate and will offer Patient Guided Outreach to anyone, anywhere.

Currently MSFriends is available from 7:00am ET to 7:00pm ET, 7 days a
week. We plan to be operating 24/7 by early fall of 2006.

MSFriends invites you to call toll free 1-866-msfriends
(1-866-673-7436) to speak with a peer support volunteer.

Please visit our website at for more