Re: Has Montel Williams Listen up for true gossip

Nice reply Bobby,
Glad its helping you.
Maybe 20 years ago just before this monster
decided I was fine fodder, I would have joined you.
I think my point about Montell was that as a public
figure he should be aware that showing off how well
he is doing, makes life harder for those who are further
down the trail.

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I haven't seen any videos of him ski-boarding down
mountains recently. I certainly felt a genuine hatred for the guy when
he was saying that he was staying on top of his MS by ski-ing. It
was enhanced by the fact that my 8 year old told me I would have
been much healthier if I followed his advice.

last nauary i went to Sun Peaks resort in Kamloops BC,,, i went boarding
for the first time in 10 years,,,, it was awesome,, cept i got winded,, and
almost passed out on the lift after a run,,, had to lower the lift security
bar to keep from fallin off,, that freaked me out,, i had to rest,,,,
after,, it was a result of being in ruff shpe, physically and trying to
keep up to the group i went with,,, that was a mistake,,,

so i cut them loose, and rode by myself at my own pace , just fast easy
runs Eurocarving,,, nice and relaxing,, kept out of the double black
diamonds runs,,

i had fun,, but i was exhausted,,, it was worth it,,, i paid for it for
the next 3 weeks,,, legs tired and like noodles,,, ms activated a bit,,, but
i did it,,,, and it was worth it,,

i would NOT do this everyday,, i just cant ,,, so once in a blue moon if i
am physically able is what i will do,,, maybe next time not hit the double
blacks for the first run in 10 years,,, that was stupid,,

if someone can do something,, more power to them,, i would say if you can
rip it go for it,, just keep at your own pace,,, dont try and be a hero,,,
listen to your body if you have MS,,,
it will tell you its time for lunch,, home etc.


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i met montel on a flight to salt lake city. he was very down to earth
and considerate. i saw one sign i thought might be ms related but i
didn't know he had it at the time.... altho it's for sure i didn't see
any invisable symptoms that many msers have such as me... dory

......." There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in
the best of us that its rather hard to discern which of us ought to
reform the rest of us"...........
.........Alain Fournier.........