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The overall fiscal budget has increased.

When considering the rapid inflation and overall cost of doing business
in the medical field, the rapidly deteriorating, sometimes 3/4 century
old, state of facilities and the cost of returning wounded there is
still a tremendous shortfall. Not to mention the loss of doctors and
personnel to the higher paying private sector.

Too, you know as well as I what fiscal political jargon is like. We got
a budget increase because we got more money this year. On the other
hand we got a budget decrease because it was less than we asked for.

Also when I speak of budget cuts I consider internal, departmental cuts
and shuffles. MS is considered by the Veterans Administration to be a
spinal cord disease for purpose of placement in the system. The MS
clinic and its budget are being realigned to make room for the ever
increasing number of spinal cord injured veterans returning from the
middle east. By the thousands. My MS pales in comparison.

I should have been more specific when I made it sound like blanket cuts.
You should have been more specific when you made it sound like a blanket
Re: low dose naltrexone

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rob ol' boy where is it you see no truth.... be up front and to the
point... but easy on the heart:-).... dory

If Im not mistaken, the budget increased for the VA this year, and the
past 6 years in a row. I could be wrong, but I dont think so...


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