Re: Medicare Part D and pissed.

rose i'm feeling very pissed about your w/c dollars to donuts an
illegal would get one for free...

this past summer when high school grads and college kids got out for the
summer only a small percent obtained any employment... those that did
earned minum wage.....

a home depote near me is building small places for one day illegals to
hang out for a days work..... they'll never get my business..... lordy
rose and illegal house keeper wants 85 bucks just to dust and vacum your
house... if they're not legal to damn bad... hells bells not many around
even speak english and that's with all the different races when their
together.... i am becoming a racist because i am a minority and i don't
get any freebies.. but worked like a dog and had to pay for others

my granddaughter went to college for a better life and cannot find a job
that will pay her enough to support her two children and she has no
medical benifits...

i'm steaming over your w/c.... keep your eye open at those senior mobile
home retirement parks.... i cannot push a manual chair myself. mine will
have to be battery powered.... like you i am not very big so i'll need
one for small people...

rose my personal feelings are this country is turnng to crap. greed has
taken over and the late bloomers that moved here and had children forget
the toil and hardship are founders and pioneers went threw to build this

this government like no other that i can recall is run by crooks and
religouse zelots.... zelots are always ready for war, hell, and
damnation... if they bankrupt us all we'll all be dependent and loose
our rights as if us legals have any now....

i am damn sorry for all of us that worked hard only to see this
happen.... i also wonder how much help our vets will recieve that have
lost limbs in this war....

there's hardly any mention made of them.. i need to go to an elks
meeting to talk to those that vist vet hospitals..... oh do i ramble
when i see injustic..... i thought for sure you were getting that

to anyone that doesn't like what i have said i'm useing my freedom of
speach while i still have some..... i know i didn't touch on all your
good points rose.. but maybe latter i'm on a tangent now:-(
and have to run some dog poop to the vet i saw a worm....dory


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