Re: OT: Bread Kills

On Tue, 10 Jan 2006 14:52:07 -0800, "Michael"
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>GT Tick wrote:
>> Doug wrote....."This may seem a little bit crusty, but they found if
>> they used yeast to make their bread, they could feed more people. But
>> little known to them, it would cause yeast infection in people.".....
>> ---
>> ---
>> Doug, an often ignored yeast factoid. It was discovered in centuries
>> past that when applied to certain muscle groups it would cause a rising
>> affect. Why old men learned this but old women did not remains a
>> mystery.
>> Brings an entirely new meaning to 'unleavened' don't you think?
>... not to mention an old meaning of "tumult", which was once widely used to
>describe the peak of primary fermentation in wine and beer musts.
>(and from whose latin root, "tumescent"... errrrr... arises).

Indeed! one can find folks in local taverns and bars completely