Re: "Highly classified"???

Sylv wrote:

> Rob;
>> Actually the NAZI concentration camps were modeled after the ones the
>> US built for the Japanese. Some, ignorant of WWII's timeline dont
>> realize we built ours first, then the NAZI's built theirs...
> Say WHAT????
> The Nazis were operatiing concentration camps LONG before Pearl
> Harbor, which is when the United States began getting paranoid about
> the Japanese citizens.
> I don't know where you get your information, but you need to find some
> accurate sources.
> As for what liberties of mine have been infringed, none right now, to
> my knowledge. My phone has not been wiretapped without a court order.
> Yet.

Not your own personal phone line itself directly, no...

.... but absolutely every thing you say or do on any telephone network or on
the internet (including your private email and your credit/debit card and
ATM transactions) is apparently captured by the Echelon program's systems
and automatically analyzed by machines to see if it's worth presenting to
live security people for more detailed analysis.

> What's going on with all these newsgroup emails is anybody's guess. .
> .we could all be on some list somewhere and not know it.
> Sylvia