Re: Lab results back....major hassles in store. :/

Joyce wrote:
> oh Rose, what a rough ride you are having, I would suspect the rise in BP is
> due to the worry, your numbers are not all that high really, I have had
> higher but seem to be stabilized at 135/80 but you are going through a hell
> of a lot, are you on the menopause maybe ? what is your age ? if you don't
> mind me asking. just know we all are keeping our fingers crossed for you,
> isn't it wonderful to have a whole load of people to turn to and share your
> troubles with.

hi Joyce,

thanks. :-> it is great to be able to unload sometimes!

what the doc said was that the BOTTOM number was the worrisome one -- i
forget which is which, but the 110 number on the bottom, when that one
has never been higher than 70 before, was what the gyn said was the big
problem, he said it's very unusual to have a bottom number in the
triple digits. maybe it WAS just 'white coat syndrome' that high BP in
the doc's office only thing...well, i imagine it will be checked and
re-checked, along with all the other tests!

i'll be 42 in November. the gyn said any menopausal condition before
age 45 was considered "premature ovarian failure." THAT'S a
scary-sounding term, but i'm trying not to get too scared by it.

he said it was possible i was just going through a normal menopause
with unusual results, although he said it's not common for women to get
all the way to no periods at all at 42, and my family history, with ma
and 5 sisters, we all get the mencarche very early (I was 10 when i had
my first period), and we all get peri-menopausal very LATE. my mom was
2 years older than i am now, when I was BORN! she had a hysterectomy
when she was 55, had been having regular periods up to that point. my
oldest sis had a hysterectomy at 53, she'd been having them regularly
up to that point too. my two sisters closest to me in age are still
having regular periods at ages 53 and 55. so...i dunno!

i have a decent amount of 'experience with M.S.' under my belt -- 15
years worth. however, being OVER 40 is brand new, LOL!

even though it's a big giant hassle, i'll do the smart thing, and see
the doc, take the tests, and hope we can figure it all out. if it is
just an earlier than expected menopause, that's ok with me! he's ruled
out ectopic pregnancy, thyroid, and pituitary problems...the only scary
thing left is cancer, and i've had gyn cancer before. (I'm a "DES
Daughter," Tam is a 'DES Grand-daughter," we've both had cervical
cancer and both tested negative for HPV, so the "cervicl cancer
vaccine" would not have helped either of us. i've also had endometrial
cancer, treated with an ablation. i worry a lot more about her life
potentially being disrupted because of the DES-related problems, than i
do about her possibly developing M.S., to tell you the truth.)

have a great afternoon, Joyce! :->


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