I had today what felt like a hypo but wasn't. I cut back my night insulin a
couple of nights ago by 10 units. I think I still need some time to adjust
to my new bedtime snack. I got so used to eating until stuffed to get me
through the night and not have a hypo. I woke to 180. Can't remember the
exact numbers before bed but in my range which is 90-130.

Went shopping to a store that Angela wanted to go to. Didn't buy anything.
We were just looking for an upcoming birthday present. Since it was a
furniture store we did a lot of sitting. Then on to Sears where we didn't
find what we were looking for.

Left Sears. Got outside of the store and it felt like the earth was being
taken out from under me. I couldn't maintain my balance. I thought it had
something to do with the automatic door or something. But whatever I was
feeling, Angela was not! Moved sideways and rested against a planter as per
Angela's instructions. That didn't help. Made it to the van somehow.
Tested and was at 202. So no hypo. Hmmm...

Drove back to Bothell. Stopped at Les Schwab to have the tires checked.
They went all out of whack last Thu. at the dress rehearsal for Angela's
recital. Didn't get out of the van. Then stopped at 7-11 for a fresh diet
soda. Then on to Winco.

Because we are low on perishables and other things, we went up and down
every aisle looking for good deals. Spent $70 more than we usually do and
wasn't able to get the cat's favorite treats. Well not enough for the week

Then home. I had Angela put away the food while I made a quick dinner. I
had already cooked my meat and veg. I just had cook the spaghetti. I made
her a tuna "casserole". There wasn't time to bake it through. I just nuked
it. Ground beef for me with gravy, onions celery and some peas.

Was having really bad stomach pains before dinner and felt very hungry. Also
felt hot and sweaty but it is slightly warm for here (73) and oddly muggy.
BG was 90.

So no hypo either time. But what could have caused the dizziness earlier?
I had two pieces of toast for breakfast. I didn't add the chia seeds, flax
or the hemp. I need to do that.