Okay hypos. You can stop now!

I think I overtreated the one I had last night. It is very easy for me to
do that because I get sooo hungry I can't stop eating. I had a big bowl of
popcorn but it was a different kind. Midnight mix or something like that.
Target brand. Blue and red and it popped up in tiny pieces. But very good.
Then I started in on the Twizzlers. These were the individually wrapped.
But I lost count of how many I ate. Woke up to 191.

Ate my two slices of whole wheat toast. Again this is a different brand
than what I have been buying and two slices just seems like not enough carbs
but since I stated out high, I thought it would be fine.

Angela and I had to take some stuff to Value Village. The last time we did
this, that amount of activity caused me to go low. We stopped at a Taqueria
for a snack so it evened things out. We had already planned that stop
today. But first I had to take some books to my mom to give to my nephew.
He sells them.

She decided to go with us. At the Taqueria I ate more than I had planned
to. I was just going to have one taco and some beans. But Angela wanted
two so I wound up getting two. I was very hungry. Their tacos are the
street style and smaller than what you would get at most places. So they
aren't very big and two wouldn't be enough for a meal for most people. They
had meat, pico de gallo and a lot of cilantro. No cheese. The beans had a
lot of onions in them. I also got a bowl of chips and some salsa. But the
bowl was small. It was one of those single serve sized wooden or bamboo
salad bowls. And I got a dish of radishes from their condiment bar. We
split the radishes two ways and the chips three ways.

Went on to Target. Didn't cover the whole store. Just needed a rug, a few
groceries and some cosmetics.

Then on to Costco but we were hurrying because they would be closing soon.
Went to get Apples but they were out. Then bacon but couldn't find it
because they moved it to another cold case. Found that and then the bread.
Then I decided to check the candy. And that's when it all went downhilll.
All of a sudden I just wanted to curl up in the aisle and go to sleep. The
cart became a chore to push.

I saw Gummy Bears. 6 pounds for $5.99. I don't particularly like these
things, but neither do I dislike them so I decided they would be a good
thing to buy. For sure cheaper than the licorice I have been eating.

Got in line. Saw tamales. Wanted them. Wanted celery. Peas. Anything
and everything I saw. Suddenly I was starved. Managed to pay for our
things, got to the van and tested. Yep! Hypo! I ate a fruit snack.
Angela insisted that I eat another. I did. And what did that bring me to?
Only 91.

This is getting sooo sooo frustrating. It's just like the old days when we
lived in CA and I couldn't keep my BG up no matter what I did. Makes me
wonder if maybe I am going hyperthyroid again. I don't know that I have
symptoms of that though. *sigh*