I had to drink juice. Oh yuck!

Another hypo. All the more reason, I think not to use more insulin.

I bought a different kind of bread because I forgot to buy it when I was at
the store that sells it. Luckily I did find a bread that we can eat. I
thought that the carb count was the same but apparently not. Two slices of
that wasn't enough to keep me from going hypo!

Dinner is ready but I forgot to take my Carafate. I have to wait an hour
before I can eat after I take that. And I had just taken it when I felt
like I was going to hit the floor. Took me a while to realize that it was
in fact a hypo and testing confirmed it. So I told Angela to get me a
little juice box from the garage. Turns out they had expired last year.
But there was an apple juice that I think was still okay. I hope it was.
Bleh. I had to drink half of it because I didn't have anything else in the

I guess I am going to have to get some more juice just in case. But for
sure it will have to be better tasting. Had I not been feeling so faint I
thought I would have just toughed it out until I could eat. Oh how I hate
apple juice! It was never something we were given as kids, unlike Angela
who had it from just a few months old.

Have to get some more candy too. I am really getting sick of these hypos.

I think perhaps the lack of stress in my life could also be causing the
lower numbers. Maybe.